FAQ: Flying Squirrel Pet Legal?

Can I have a flying squirrel as a pet?

If cared for properly, flying squirrels can be affectionate pets. The first few weeks after bringing them home is the most important. Hand feeding and daily handling will help them bond with you. Due to flying squirrels’ exotic status, they are illegal to own in 10 states.

What states can you own a flying squirrel?

If you have a permit or license, you can own a flying squirrel in Arizona, Delaware, Indiana, Florida, Maine, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah (Northern Flying Squirrels only), West Virginia, and Wyoming.

How do you keep flying squirrels as pets?

How to Care for a Captive Flying Squirrel

  1. Bonding. Bonding with a pet flying squirrel is very important to ensure he feels secure and happy with you.
  2. Habitat. Choose a cage made predominately of wire with spaces of no bigger than half an inch, to allow for good air circulation.
  3. Diet.
  4. Health Care.
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Are flying squirrels legal in the UK?

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to release grey squirrels or to allow them to escape into the wild, so the family will have Sammy for life. Mrs Higton said Sammy was very easy to get on with but would not recommend people keep a squirrel at home as a pet. “It’s a full-time job.

Do flying squirrels bite humans?

Flying squirrels do not pose severe problems to humans, although they will build bothersome nests in home attics. They can damage the floors, attics and walls of the home as they build their nests and search for foods. They do not frequently bite unless they think a hand smells like food or if they feel threatened.

Are flying squirrels aggressive?

Flying squirrels are not dangerous and pose no health hazard. They’re not aggressive but they do have sharp teeth. If you have flying squirrels denning in your attic or wall voids, call a Summit Environmental Solutions wildlife professional that is licensed and trained in nuisance wildlife work.

Do flying squirrels drink water?

Feeding: Northern flying squirrels are omnivorous. They eat seeds, nuts, and fruits of conifers, oaks, other trees, and shrubs. Water: These tree squirrels live near rivers and streams, and probably require drinking water, at least in summer.

What animals eat flying squirrels?

The main predators of northern flying squirrels are owls, hawks, martens, weasels, coyotes, and the domestic cat. They avoid predators mainly by being active at night and through their alertness and agility in the trees.

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Are Flying Squirrels Smart?

Squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures. There are 44 species of ‘flying squirrel’. Rather than actually flying, these species glide using a membrane which stretches from their wrists to their ankles. It allows squirrels to glide naturally like humans do with the aid of a parachute.

How long do flying squirrels live?

Flying squirrels can live up to 10 years in captivity or about half that in the wild. Flying squirrels are common rodents in many parts of the country, but because they are nocturnal, few people ever see them.

Are Flying Squirrels hard to take care of?

Even though they are high-energy, nocturnal rodents who love to climb and glide, as pets they also require many hours of hands-on attention and socializing with their owner. Flying squirrels require spacious cages and like many other rodents, they need hard things to chew on to keep their teeth trimmed and healthy.

Do flying squirrels carry any diseases?

What Diseases Do Flying Squirrels Carry? Though rabies is strongly associated with wildlife pests, flying squirrels are not known to transmit the virus. In fact, the northern species of the pest doesn’t harbor any known diseases that can be passed on to humans.

Why is it illegal to have a squirrel as a pet?

Squirrels. Squirrels eat nearly anything, which is partly why they are illegal to keep as pets in California. However, squirrels have extremely sharp nails and teeth and, unlike domesticated mammals, no chew inhibition reflex.

Why are GREY squirrels bad?

Grey squirrels cause damage to trees such as beech, oak and chestnut. They strip bark at the base of trees which causes them to weaken and eventually to die.

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Can I have a penguin as a pet?

The laws regarding penguins are far stricter than with other exotic animals, not just in the US, but in the entire world. Suffice to say that penguins are definitely illegal to keep as pets in America.

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