FAQ: What Color Flashing Lights Are Legal In Texas?

What color flashing lights are legal?

Blue and yellow are the only colours of flashing lights legal for use on moving vehicles. Other colours, such as red or green are sometimes used to show vehicles of special functions, such as incident command, when stationary.

Are blue lights legal in Texas?

The most common question from AAMCO of Keller customers about Blue Headlights is are they illegal in Texas. Any headlight bulb of the vehicle must be white or shades of yellow and amber; this is not only a Texas standard, but a federal one (according to 49 Code of Federal Regulations Section 571.108).

What color lights can security use in Texas?

Police Lights The vehicles of police departments, sheriff’s office, the Texas Highway Patrol, public and private colleges and universities with police officers, and the Texas Department of Public Safety may use red, white and blue combination lights, including light bars.

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Are LED lights illegal in Texas?

Texas laws do not prohibit installing any aftermarket or non-mandatory lights, thus using neon underglow in Texas is legal. Based on this, the only vehicle lights which are illegal to use are flashing, oscillating, moving or otherwise non-stationary lights.

What do purple flashing lights mean?

Ambulances and fire engines also commonly sport alternating flashing lights (either blue/white or red/white). Traditionally, purple lights indicate a hearse or funeral procession, although as indicated previously, this is not universal, and one may see other colors on such vehicles instead.

Can I put flashing lights on my car?

In California, headlight flashing is legal in some situations and illegal in others. It is legal for a driver to flash his headlights to indicate intention to pass on a road which does not allow passing on the right. However, headlight flashing on multiple-lane highways is illegal.

Are flashing brake lights legal in Texas?

Technically, any kind of automatic flashing feature is illegal except for use on emergency vehicles, including the old style brake/turn lights.

What are the blue laws in Texas?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, commonly known as the “Texas blue law,” was enacted in 1961 as a way to regulate shopping on Sundays and observe it as a day of worship or rest. It prohibited the sale of 42 specific items including cars, liquor, knives, pots, pans and even washing machines.

Are smoked lights legal in Texas?

Any device that impairs the required effectiveness of headlamps, tail lamps, reflectors, etc., is prohibited. The lights, both front and rear, are made by the manufacturer to meet this safety standard. Additional information on lighting can be found in the Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 547, Subchapters D & E.

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What are the white flashing lights in Texas?

Highway maintenance or construction vehicles and service vehicles are prohibited from using or being equipped with flashing white lights. See Texas Transportation Code § 547.305 for detailed requirements.

What are the flashing lights in Texas?

The blinking red lights mark the country’s new behemoths— wind power turbines.

Can police speed without lights on Texas?

So the bottom line is you may see a cop going by you without lights and siren on when they are actually responding to a call. “Thus, this statute authorizes law enforcement officers to drive vehicles at speeds that exceed the otherwise applicable limit but only when they are chasing or seeking to apprehend suspects.”

Are 8000K LED headlights legal in Texas?

HID or even projector retro fits are illegal, since only OEM is DOT approved. Light Blue (8000K) Anything higher than 6000K is only used for aesthetic purposes. Next Last. Super blue halogen: Blue or super blue halogen bulbs also produce white light.

Can you get pulled over for one headlight out in Texas?

It’s also law that a motor vehicle (unless it’s a motorcycle) must have two headlights. Therefore, if you have a headlight burned out, it is possible (and likely even probable) that you’ll get pulled over.

Is lowering your car illegal in Texas?

Texas law regulates parameters for head lamps, tail lamps, and reflectors, because altered vehicles can present a safety hazard. Reflectors can’t be higher than 60 inches or lower than 15 inches. Any raising or lowering modification that does not meet those requirements is unsafe and illegal to drive on the highways.

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