FAQ: What Color Pen Should Be Used For Legal Documents?

What type of pen should be used for legal documents?

It’s best to use blue or black ink for signatures. Avoid colors like red, purple, and green.

What Colour should legal documents be signed in?

Sign using a black ink: official records, business signatures, memos and work correspondence, and opt for a blue ink in case of credit cards applications. One thing is sure, never use a pencil or other colours of ink, besides blue or black, when signing any type of business, official or legal document.

What color pen should a notary use?

We recommend though using a basic professional blue or black. Many people may not realize green or red are acceptable colors and then become upset about your choice. The type of ink doesn’t really matter either, just make sure it isn’t erasable!

What color ink is legal for medical documents?

For hard copy/paper records facilities should document in blue or black ink only. No other colored ink should be used in the event that any part of the record needs to be copied. The ink should be permanent (no erasable or water-soluble ink should be used).

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Why is blue ink not legal?

Historically, there has been a general preference (not legal requirement) towards blue ink. This is because blue ink easily distinguishes an original document. If they did, the form of the signature (including the ink color) is usually irrelevant.

Is black or blue pen more professional?

Stick to Using Black Ink for Legal and Official Documents Yet, despite blue ink’s popularity, most professional documents and forms require us to use black ink. If you’re applying for a new job, for instance, you may have to use a black ink pen.

Which pen is good for signature?

We say that the Newport Gel Pen is one of our favorite signing pens. Not only does it have ultra-smooth ink, but it its elegant appearance can help that little extra bit of gravitas to the experience.

Who signs with green pen?

Only Governament Gazetted Officers can use Green Ink, Generaly they use Green Ink for approval signatures. Gazetted Officers will sign in Green Ink.

What is legal signature?

A legally binding signature makes an agreement official once all parties have placed their signatures on a contract. Signatures are the most common method of indicating that you have read over and agreed to the terms, even if a person’s signature is so stylized and unique that’s illegible.

Is blue ink unprofessional?

Blue ink is considered acceptable in situations where other colors would not be because of the longstanding cultural precedent set by the blue tone of iron gall ink. If you want to discuss inks further, you should check out r/fountainpens or the Fountain Pen Network.

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Can you notarize in black ink?

Black is the recommended ink color to use when affixing an official Notary signature or seal because it shows up legibly in microfilm or photocopies. There are a few exceptions. Tennessee is the most notable exception; the only colors you can’t use are black or yellow.

Can you use red pen on legal document?

Can you sign with red pen? Yes, of course anyone can use red ink for their signature. However, using red ink on a legal or official document would impact the power of the signature. Most legal and official documents are produced by entities who prefer that signers use black or dark blue ink.

What color ink do doctors use?

Physicians are encouraged to write in black ink, so that the notes are capable of being photocopied. Some colored inks can run when they become wet.

Do medical documents have to be in black ink?

It is very important to keep exotically colored ink from the medical record. Ideally, all entries in the medical record should be made in black ink. This would make it simple to produce a photoreproduction and ensure that the subsequent copies would be legible.

Do legal documents need to be signed blue ink?

Most commonly, either blue or black ink is used for signing documents. While both are acceptable, many people consider blue the optimal choice. The reasoning behind this is that the color will stand out among the walls of black text on the document while still being dark enough to read.

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