FAQ: Why Are Some Catalytic Converters Not Legal In California?

What makes a catalytic converter not legal in California?

ATTENTION: Under California regulations, it is illegal to install a catalytic converter based solely on physical shape, size, configuration or pipe diameter. See the Walker CalCat catalog application section for specific part numbers for a specific vehicle.

Can I install my own catalytic converter in California?

ATTENTION: Under California regulations, it is illegal to install a catalytic converter based solely on physical shape, size, configuration or pipe diameter.

Are aftermarket catalytic converters legal in California?

Aftermarket catalytic converters must be exempted from California’s anti-tampering laws in order to be legally sold and installed in the state. To determine the correct catalytic converter part number for your vehicle, you will need its make, model, model year, engine size and test group/engine family designation.

What makes California catalytic converters different?

A CARB-compliant catalytic converter is one that has been approved for sale by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). As a result, CARB-compliant catalytic converters typically use an enhanced combination of washcoat technology and higher precious metal load to meet the stricter emissions conversions standard.

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Can you sell a car in California without a catalytic converter?

You can sue the dealer for fraud for selling the car to you without a catalytic converter. Without a catalytic converter, your car won’t be able to pass the smog test in CA. If the certificate indicates that it passed the smog test, that could provide further evidence of fraud.

Will a car pass smog without a catalytic converter?

Answer: No, it is not. My recommended procedure is not tampering with the functioning of the catalytic converter. In most cases, the reason why an old CC fails a smog test is because the smog equipment is calibrated too sensitively.

Is it illegal to buy catalytic converters?

It is unlawful for a person to purchase or sell a used catalytic converter unless the purchase or sale is in the ordinary course of business by a commercial motor vehicle parts or repair business in connection with the sale or installation of a new catalytic converter.

Why are catalytic converters so expensive in California?

It really comes down to commodity pricing of rare, expensive, precious metals. It is fairly expensive to use enough of these metals in your catalytic converter to effectively reduce emissions, and this is the main controller of cost.

Can I replace my catalytic converter myself?

A catalytic converter is used for both petrol and diesel engines. In controlling the emissions from the exhaust gas, this equipment brings about minimized air pollution. Changing this equipment can be done by a mechanical professional, and you can do it yourself.

What is the difference between an OEM and aftermarket catalytic converter?

OEM Catalytic Converters are designed to last the entire lifetime of your car if handled adequately. Aftermarket Catalytic Converters have no responsibility to survive that long, so they are made using cheaper materials.

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How much is a aftermarket catalytic converter?

An aftermarket catalytic converter can save you over 80% on the price of a new one, costing less than $200, and sometimes as low as $60. However, there are significant downsides in purchasing aftermarket, and you should be aware of them before making your decision.

Will a non carb catalytic converter pass smog in California?

If an aftermarket catalytic converter does not comply with CARB labeling requirements, the vehicle will not pass a California smog inspection, and a smog certificate will not be issued.

Can you clean a catalytic converter?

To perform a routine clean on a catalytic converter, you can use the simple method of pouring a cleaning solution into the gas tank. An over-the-counter cleaner like Cataclean or even a lacquer thinner will work best. Sometimes a deep clean is necessary, and that involves removing the device.

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