Quick Answer: Under Virginia Boating Laws Which Of The Following Is Legal?

Which of the following is required to operate a boat in Virginia?

All PWC operators age 14 and older and all operators (regardless of age) of motorboats with a 10 hp or greater engine need to take a boating safety course. Once you complete the course, the course completion certificate or card that is provided by the course provider is what is required to operate a vessel.

Which of the following may be considered illegal or unsafe operation when boating in Virginia?

Unsafe operation includes: The following list identifies some boat operational activities considered unlawful in Virginia: Reckless operation of boat, water skis, or aquaplane. Operating, while intoxicated, a boat, aquaplane or water-skis. Operating or giving permission to operate an unregistered motorboat.

What is legal for PWC operators?

A PWC operator must always face forward. A PWC must be operated in a responsible manner. Maneuvers that endanger people or property are prohibited, including: Jumping a wake with a PWC within 100 feet of another vessel.

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Who regulates boating laws in Virginia?

The boating laws of Virginia are enforced primarily by Conservation Police Officers employed by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

Is a Virginia boating license good in all states?

Yes. All states that have mandatory boater education requirements will accept the your state’s Boater Education Card. Likewise your state will accept boating education cards that are issued by states that meet NASBLA requirements.

What vessels are exempt from VA?

The only exceptions are: Non-motorized vessels. Vessels properly registered in another state and on Virginia waters for 90 or fewer consecutive days. Vessels documented with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

What is the purpose of this buoy?

buoy, floating object anchored at a definite location to guide or warn mariners, to mark positions of submerged objects, or to moor vessels in lieu of anchoring. Two international buoyage systems are used to mark channels and submerged dangers.

What equipment is required for powerboats operating in Virginia?

Virginia law requires the following with respect to PFDs. All vessels must have at least one USCG–approved wearable PFD of a proper size for each person on board. Sizing is based on body weight and chest size.

What is every vessel operator required to do?

Every operator must keep a proper lookout, using both sight and hearing, at all times. Watch and listen for other vessels, radio communications, navigational hazards, and others involved in water activities. Maintain a safe speed.

What is required to be on a PWC?

Your PWC must be equipped with a marine-rated fire extinguisher and emergency signaling devices. All PWCs must be registered according to state regulations, and have a registration number displayed. Each PWC has an attached capacity plate that states what you may carry.

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Can you operate a PWC at night?

Hours of Operation: PWC may only be operated from sunrise to sunset. Age Requirements: PWC operators in California must be at least sixteen years old in order to operate without adult supervision.

Can a 13 year old drive a jet ski?

The minimum age to operate a personal watercraft in any state is 12 years old, and many states may require supervision for those younger than 16. A majority of states also require those who wish to operate a PWC to complete a boating education course to obtain a Boater Card or Certificate.

Do you have to have boaters insurance in va?

Although the law in VA does not mandate that you carry boat insurance, it does require that you register your vessel with the state and take a boating safety course at the completion of which you will receive a certification. Some Virginia marinas also require boat insurance in order for you to dock your vessel there.

Can you drink on a boat in VA?

Unlike the laws for cars and trucks, having an open container of alcohol on your boat is not illegal. Further, your passengers can legally drink alcohol while the boat is in motion. One final thing to note is that Virginia’s BUI laws technically prohibit operating any water vessel while intoxicated.

How old do you have to be to not wear a lifejacket in Virginia?

LIFE JACKET REQUIREMENTS IN Virginia In Virginia, children 13 years of age and under are required to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket when underway on any boat, unless the the child is below decks or in an enclosed cabin. It’s the law for kids to WEAR IT!

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