Quick Answer: What Exotic Animals Are Legal In Colorado?

Can you own a fox in Colorado?

To put it simply: no, foxes are not legal in Colorado. In this introduction to chapter 11 we outline possession requirements for live wildlife as found in Colorado wildlife law. In addition, these same laws restrict or prohibit the importation and possession of exotic (non-native) wildlife (33-6-109(4), C.R.S.).

Are tigers legal in Colorado?

The following states completely ban the ownership of exotic animals: California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Can you own a lynx in Colorado?

The Colorado laws regarding exotic animals are very confusing and hard to understand. Under ยง 26-40a, no person shall possess a potentially dangerous animal, which includes wildlife such as the lion, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, ocelot, jaguarundi cat, puma, lynx, or bobcat.

What exotic animals live in Colorado?

Here are some of the weird animals found in Colorado, in no particular order:

  • Ord’s Kangaroo Rat. Ord’s Kangaroo Rat, Colorado.
  • Arctic Peregrine Falcon. Arctic Peregrine Falcon.
  • Nine-Banded Armadillo. The Nine-Banded Armadillo.
  • Calliope Hummingbird.
  • Kit Fox.
  • Gunnison’s Prairie Dog.
  • White-Tailed Ptarmigan.
  • Yellow-Bellied Marmot.
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Can I own a sloth in Colorado?

A permit to own sloths is required in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming. And Nebraska bans the animal. New Mexico allows the animals only for scientific purposes, and in Utah they are illegal. A number of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians are included on Colorado’s unregulated wildlife list.

Can I own a wolf in Colorado?

It is illegal to own a pure wolf in the United States; they are classified as an endangered and regulated species.

Can you own a giraffe in Colorado?

In general, it is illegal to own wildlife in Colorado. You cannot remove a wild animal from the woods and take it home. As a public resource, wildlife belongs to the state of Colorado, to all citizens.

What is the largest cat you can legally own?

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed, with males growing to around 18 pounds.

Can I own a tiger in Florida?

Florida’s laws for owning exotic animals are among the strictest in the nation, governing every aspect of the care of wild animals that are displayed to the public. Still, a private citizen can buy a bear, tiger or any other wild animal and keep it on his property in any state.

What pets are illegal to own in Colorado?

Monkeys and other primates, exotic pigs, certain kinds of frogs, exotic bovids such as wildebeest, and ruminants like oryx, for example, are illegal to possess in Colorado.

How many dogs can you have in Colorado?

How many dogs can I legally own? You are allowed to have four (4) adult dogs at one residence. An adult dog is defined as a dog that is 4 months of age or older.

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What Animals Can you not own?

If you want to own any of the fascinating exotic pets ahead, you might run into problems.

  • Bats. You shouldn’t keep bats as exotic pets.
  • Big cats. Lions make very dangerous exotic pets.
  • Sugar gliders. Many states prohibit keeping sugar gliders as exotic pets.
  • Skunks.
  • Alligators.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Slow lorises.
  • Penguins.

Can you own a Pika?

No. Pika rodents are not an animal that should be kept as a pet. They need to live in certain conditions that cannot be provided by living in a home with people. A better choice in pets would be an animal related to a Pika, such as a rabbit.

Does Colorado have grizzly bears?

Grizzly bears had been considered extirpated, or locally extinct, in Colorado since 1951. One of the suspected last grizzly bears had been killed 28 years earlier near the same area. Grizzlies have not been sighted in Colorado since that day. The bear came to the Museum in June 1980.

What are the rarest animals in Colorado?

Rare Animal Species in Colorado That are Endangered or Threatened

  • Adult Hatchery Raised Bonytail.
  • American Peregrine Falcon.
  • Black-Footed Ferret.
  • Greater Sage Grouse.
  • Orangethroat Darter (Etheostoma spectabile).
  • Yellow Mud Turtle.
  • Texas Blind Snake.
  • Lesser Prairie Chicken. Photo: USFWS Mountain-Prairie.

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