Quick Answer: What Is A Legal Bull Elk In Colorado?

What caliber is legal for elk in Colorado?

To legally hunt elk with a rifle in Colorado, you must use a rifle that fires expanding bullets with a minimum caliber of. 24 cal. or 6mm, a minimum weight of 85 grains that delivers at least 1,000 ft. lbs. of energy at 100 yards.

Can you kill a cow elk in Colorado?

For Colorado residents, elk tags do not include a small game hunting or fishing license. The cost for small game license is $50.37 and the cost is $30.11 for Bull Elk (Antlered), Either Sex Elk tags or for cow/calf (Antlerless). These licenses are unlimited on public land, but most private land tags are limited.

What is the best elk unit in Colorado?

Five units (4, 13, 22, 85 and 421) were in the top units for both the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons for both total Bull Elk harvest and for hunter success.

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Can you hunt elk with a shotgun in Colorado?

Muzzle loaders for elk hunting must be 50 caliber or larger and only open sights are allowed. Electronic ignitions are not legal for muzzle loading season in Colorado. Shotguns must be 20 gauge or larger with 18″ or longer barrel and minimum 26″ total length.

Are spike elk legal in Colorado?

Cow = less than one 5″ spike = legal. Bull = at least 4 points on one side, or a brow tine = legal. That leave any elk with more than a 5″ spike and less than 4 points, off limits.

Can you carry a pistol while elk hunting in Colorado?

There is no such thing as a back-up sidearm during hunting season. You may carry a handgun with you during the act of hunting for personal protection but that is the purpose. During archery season, no firearm can be used as a legal method of take.

How many elk can you kill in Colorado?

No more than 100 limited antlerless deer, 100 limited doe pronghorn, and 200 limited antlerless elk licenses may be issued each year.

How much does a elk hunt cost?

How much does an elk hunt cost? Elk hunts go for as little as $2,000 to well over $10,000. The area, style of hunting, caliber of bulls and accommodations, all influence how much you will pay.

What do I need to hunt elk in Colorado?


  • Boots.
  • Camo Outer Layer.
  • Facemask.
  • Gloves.
  • Hat.
  • Insulating Mid & Base Layers.
  • Plenty of socks.
  • Rain Gear.

What is the best time to hunt elk in Colorado?

There are no definite best times to hunt elk in Colorado but based from experience, the early season and transition from summer to winter have the best yields.

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Where are the most elk in Colorado?

Grand County and Middle Park are part of northwest Colorado which is home to the largest migratory herd of elk in North America. This same part of the state also has the largest mule deer population in the United States.

What caliber do you shoot an elk with?

Want the ideal elk cartridge? Look to something that fires a 7mm or bigger heavy-for-caliber projectile at around 3,000 fps. Best bullets are the 7mm 155- to 175-grainers, and the. 30-caliber 180- to 200-grainers.

Are elk decoys legal in Colorado?

they are legal. They work so good a couple of years ago I was hunting a unit in SW Colorado and some guy rode up on an ATV (in an area where he shouldn’t have been of course) got off and shot at it.

Is a 3030 Good for elk hunting?

Plenty of elk killed with 30-30 every year. Lots of my family have killed elk with 30-30 and 300 savage at farther ranges than your talking about. Hit them right and elk will die with whatever you are shooting.

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