Readers ask: How Can Moonshiners Show Be Legal?

How can Moonshiners TV show be legal?

Making moonshine remains illegal in the US (federal law states you can produce beer and wine for private consumption without a permit, but not spirits). Well, according to local law enforcement, it’s because Moonshiners is about as real as Teen Wolf.

Is the show Moonshiners real or staged?

13 Virginia authorities condemned the show as fake After viewers kept asking why the state was allowing a crime to take place, Virginia said that the show was not actually portraying illegal moonshine, but was actually just a dramatization. Cast members of the show continue to say the opposite, though.

Are the guys on Moonshiners legal?

But as it turns out, the stars of the show — Tim and Tickle — are licensed distillers. Fans may be surprised given comments the duo has made. “They’ve got to actually catch you doing something wrong. By the time that hits the TV,” Tickle told FOX411.

Did Mark and Digger from Moonshiners go legal?

So why don’t moonshiners get arrested, then? As far as any official police reports or news outlets are concerned, there is no proof that Digger has ever been arrested in relation to moonshining.

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What is Tickle worth?

Tickle Moonshiner net worth: Tickle Moonshiner is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Tickle Moonshiner was born in Southwest Virginia, and is known for creating “moonshine”, illegal, homemade liquor.

How is Jim Tom from Moonshiners doing?

Over the years, he has become one of the most skilled moonshiners in Appalachian and his original hand-crafted spirits were in high demand throughout the South. Jim Tom is still very much alive and did not die in a moonshining accident.

Do Moonshiners really make moonshine?

The series dramatizes their liquor production efforts, law-evading techniques and life. There have been claims by local officials that the show is not what it portrays to be. Virginia authorities have stated that no illegal liquor is actually being produced by the people depicted in the show.

Did Mike from Moonshiners get busted?

There are no reports of Mike and Jerry from ‘Moonshiners’ getting busted. Some moonshiners have gotten busted in the past — most famously, Popcorn Sutton, who took his own life a few years before Moonshiners was produced, though his legacy lives on.

Is Moonshiners coming back in 2021?

But judging by previous seasons, we think it may be returning in December 2021, as they usually leave a year between each season. The first episode of season 10 aired on November 24, while the first episode of season 9 renewed in November 2019 – a year before.

How much is Tim from Moonshiners worth?

Tim Smith net worth: Tim Smith is an American moonshiner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand.

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What is Mark and Digger net worth?

Mark and Digger’s net worth is estimated at $300,000 each. While most of their income comes from the reality show, Mark and Digger also started a distillery together called Sugarlands Distilling Co.

What happened Lance Waldrop?

— Lance Waldroup, a bootlegger featured in the Discovery Channel’s reality series “Moonshiners,” died Feb. 25 in Robbinsville, North Carolina. He was 30. The network confirmed Waldroup’s death in Facebook and Twitter posts on Monday.

How old is Jim Tom on moonshiners?

Nope. Jim Tom, 80, has gone legitimate (for the most part) when it comes to the making and distribution of his famous “Unaged Rye.” He has teamed up with Mark and Digger to create the Sugarlands Distilling Co., where he is featured on the company’s website.

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