What Is A Legal Description Of Real Property?

What is a legal description of property example?

The legal description pinpoints the location of a given property within its particular township, range, and section. For example, each township is six square miles, or 23,040 acres, and contains 36 square sections, which are each intended to be one square mile (or 640 acres).

How do you describe real property?

Real property is defined as any property that is attached to, or affixed to land, including the land itself. Each piece of real property can be very different from the next. In a legal description, the real property should be described using set boundaries rather than natural landmarks, which can change over time.

What does legal description mean in real estate?

A legal description is the geographical description of real estate that identifies its precise location, boundaries and any easements for the purpose of a legal transaction, such as a transfer of ownership. A legal description is kept with the deed and filed with the county clerk or county tax assessor.

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What is a property legally described as?

A legal description of property is a unique identifier, usually one to two short paragraphs or perhaps five sentences long, containing parameters such as what lots and/or parcels comprise part of the property, lot numbers, land features, parallels and meridians, and total acreage.

How do I write a legal land description?

It is desirable that a land description: 1) Should contain title identity. 2) Should not interfere with the senior rights of others 3) Should be so written that either at the present or at a future date, a competent surveyor can readily locate it. 4) Should not contain words capable of alternate interpretations.

What is the most common form of property description?

Fractional Designation: The most common form seen. A fractional designation uses rectangular surveying to correctly describe the land in sections. Metes and Bounds: This form of description uses references, such as streets and rivers to identify each point of the property (north, south, east, and west).

What are the types of real property?

Commercial real estate (CRE)

  • Office space.
  • Hotel and lodging.
  • Self-storage or mini-storage.
  • Multifamily (e.g., apartment complexes) properties.
  • Retail (e.g., strip malls, shopping malls, or individual retail spaces) properties.
  • Industrial (e.g., warehouses, manufacturing buildings, or data centers) buildings.

Why is it important to know the difference between real property and personal property?

Essentially, personal property is anything you can move and is subject to ownership (except land). Real property cannot be moved and is anything that is attached to land. But, once you build the structure and it’s attached to the land, it becomes real property.

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What is a datum in a legal description?

What is a datum in a legal description? A code indicating the date and time that a survey is recorded. An area measurement included in a plat survey. A standard form for recording a plat survey.

How do you read a long legal description of property?

The more common method used in land surveys and property descriptions uses quadrants. The quadrants are northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest. For an example of N25°E, face north, then turn 25 degrees to the east and go that direction. If your bearing is S40°W, face south and turn 40 degrees to the west.

How do I change the legal description of my property?

Legal descriptions can change, too, but you must file documentation in the real property records in order for the change to take place. Most commonly, changes to legal descriptions are the result of a new survey of the subject property. Such a survey must be performed by a licensed surveyor.

What is a legal lot description?

A legal description is a description of real property by a government survey, a metes and bounds survey, or by lot numbers of a recorded plat. The description must be complete enough that a parcel of land can be located and identified based on what is written.

What is the legal description of a property quizlet?

legal description. A description of a specific parcel of real estate complete enough for an independent surveyor to locate and identify it. Survey. Details of a property are gathered, boundaries are measured and land areas are determined; position of a house on a lot.

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