Question: What Is The Legal Drinking Age In Ky?

Can you drink at 18 in Kentucky?

A law passed in 1964 makes 18 the legal age for both men and women, with a few exceptions. The legal age is still 21 for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and for care and treatment of handicapped children. A Kentuckian can vote at the age of 18.

When did Kentucky change drinking age to 21?

So, in 1984, the National 21-Minimum Drinking Age (21-MDAL) became law.

Do you have to be 21 to enter a bar in Kentucky?

Yes and No. A minor under the age of twenty-one (21) years may NOT enter any licensed premises to illegally purchase or receive any alcoholic beverages. KRS 244.085(1).

Can minors drink with parents in Kentucky?

Family members able to furnish a minor with alcohol in 31 states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland,

Can you buy alcohol on your 21st birthday in Kentucky?

If you haven’t celebrated your 21st birthday, it’s against the law for you to buy alcohol in Kentucky. In Lexington, there’s a group of high school students who want to remind everyone it’s against the law here to sell alcohol to minors.

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What is the youngest drinking age in any country?

Youngest Drinking Age At least eight countries and regions have set their MLDA at 16 years. These countries include Barbados, the British Virginia Islands, Cuba, Luxembourg, Panama, Serbia, Serbia, and Zimbabwe.

Can you drink under 21 with a parent?

Only a parent or guardian (or a person authorised by the parent or guardian) may supply alcohol to a minor at an unlicensed premises (including a family home), however the supply must be consistent with the responsible supervision of the minor.

Can kids drink in Kentucky?

Kentucky alcohol laws let those of any age under 21 drink alcohol. A parent or guardian must give it to them. There are no restrictions on where they may drink it. It is also illegal for those under 21 to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.02%.

Is Kentucky still a dry state?

Kentucky is home to both dry (meaning the sale of alcohol is prohibited) and wet (permitting full retail sales of alcohol) counties. The state also features a handful of ‘technically’ dry counties that encompass wet cities and ‘moist’ counties, which only permit the sale of alcohol in restaurants.

Is it legal to make moonshine in KY?

However, distilling alcohol at home, even for personal use, is illegal under federal law. In 2010, legal moonshine stills opened in some parts of the south, including South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. These produced legal moonshine for sale and distribution.

Can passengers drink in a car in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, it is against the law to possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage in the passenger area of a motor vehicle, if that vehicle is on a public highway or a right-of-way. Under the law, possession of an open container is a violation offense, punishable by a fine of between $35 and $100.

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